Copay Digital Currency Wallet

What is Copay?

Copay is an easy to use Bitcoin only wallet.

How does it work?

The Copay Wallets main feature is its multi-participant control. Anyone can initiate a transaction but a defined, set number have to approve the transaction. You can choose between an additional 2-12 users but also have the option to solely own it too.

The number of wallets is also configurable, so potentially, you could have multiple denominations managed by a significant number of people. Each Wallet servicing up to 12 Users. Copay ships with Coinbase and Gildera Exchanges but a pre-configured account with both would have to be created in order for the Copay wallet to link. Sloppy Copay.

Both the wallet, and receipt of Bitcoins into it, is free. However, if you wish to send Bitcoins there is a variety of fees involved.

  • Urgent – 10 mins; 271 satoshis/byte
  • Priority – 20 mins; 181 satoshis/byte
  • Normal – 30 mins; 122 satoshis/byte
  • Economy – 1h; 113 satoshis/byte
  • Super Economy – 4h; 93 satoshis/byte

  • Copay Wallet overview by Altcoinium

    We think Copay is ideal if you require a shareable wallet but less suited for substantial secure regular Bitcoin transactions.

    Compatible with Windows 8.x/10, Mac OS X, iPhone, Android or Linux operating system.

    Download the latest version here.