Armory Digital Currency Wallet

What is the Armory Wallet?

Created by Alan Reiner, Armory is one secure little Wallet. Free, open source, multi-signature support with a cold storage option make this a firm favourite amidst Cryptonauts and developers alike.

How does it work?

Armory utilises the cold storage ‘Glacier Protocol’ which is revered for its robust security and a must for hodl’ing on an industrial scale. Sporting a friendly user interface and offline key storage Armory ticks a lot of important boxes. Clearly marketed at the paranoid Pete’s of this world (my Wallet of choice) Armory does its job!

Armory overview by Altcoinium

We are in no doubt that Armory is a secure wallet, our solitary gripe is that it only supports Bitcoin currently.

Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi.

Download the latest version here.